Health Project

In the year 2012 Afrika Initiative e.V. Germany in close collaboration with Afrika Initiative Cameroon started the construction of a 12 room clinic in the capital city Yaounde. This project was in respond to many calls from many NGOs and Civil Society Organizations in the health sector. After several meetings with stakeholders, it was discovered that the cost of treatment in both government and private hospitals and clinics in the capital were too high for ordinary citizens to afford. That at least 25% deaths in most of our hospitals is because patients cannot afford the exorbitant amounts levied on them in private and other hospitals. Sadly also, because the families cannot pay the high cost of treatment which results to death, their corpses are abandoned in the mortuary only to be left at the mercy of the city council for burial. The situation is deplorable and sometimes heartbreaking. It is on this background that the National Coordinator of Afrika Initiative, Cameroon initiated this project.

Our goal is to have a full hospital in these 105 hectares of land by the year 2018. The aim is to treat patients at no cost. We have at the moment 2 doctors and 8 nurses who are working in the hospital including volunteers. Afrika Initiative Germany has also negotiated with a number of Doctors in Germany who have accepted to go and work in the clinic for up to three months a year. By so doing, they will also share their expertise with their Cameroonian counterparts who are also volunteers in the clinic.

The project received the full moral, financial and material support of our Cameroonian Football Legend Roger Milla. The Roger Milla Foundation “Fondation Coeur d’ Afrique donated modern beds, Maternity Beds and other equipments to the Clinic. The handing over of the gifts coincided with the opening ceremony of Afrika Initiative new office in Yaounde. The colorful ceremony took place on the 30th of August, 2014. Presided over by the National Coordinator of Afrika Initiative Cameroon Madam Josephine, it was heavily attended by a representative of the Yaounde City Council, Representative of Roger Milla Foundation, Administrative and Military Officials in and around Yaounde.

What we urgently need now is medical equipment, mattresses, beds, bed sheets, blankets, blankets towels, drugs of all kind.

If you can help us, please send us an email or better sill, write us us.

If you can help us, please send us an email or better sill, write us us.