Kake – Primary School Project

Our scholarship scheme in primary and secondary schools in Cameroon have been renewed for the academic year 2015/2016. Scholarships are awarded to children from poor families, Handicapped children and Ophans. In March 2015 Afrika Initiative carried out repairs in Government Primary

School Kake in the South West Region. Many of the classrooms have leaking roofs while many of the doors are bad. We repaired the roofs and donated book shelves and benches to some classes.

We could not donate to all the bad classes because the classes at this juncture have no doors and because of no doors, many of the benches have been stolen by students of the Government High

School just close by. Consequently, if benches are donated to these classes without doors, they will equally be stolen. It is our wish to equip this and other schools with libraries, equip staff rooms and headmistress or headmasters office. We are therefore appealing for your financial assistance to enable us carry out the rest of the repair work. Donnation of books and other items also shall be highly appreciated.

IF YOU CAN SPONSOR A CHILD EVEN FOR A YEAR, we shall be grateful. Please see our account number or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or write to us through the address you see on our website.


School photos

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